Friday, March 31, 2017

I bought a Beatles record that was counterfeit.

In 2004, the sister of a friend was selling a lot of her stuff because she was moving to Detroit to follow her lover. One of the items she placed in the for sale bin was a stack of records. One of them was this... Introducing the Beatles. I knew this preceded Meet the Beatles, the first one by Capitol Records released in the USA. VeeJay Recordings was able to work out a deal with Parlophone that allowed them to release this a good four months before Meet the Beatles. Thinking I had hit the jackpot (I got it for $40) I purchased this. I always thought it was a prized album in my collection with the value pegged about US$3,500. Years later, I met an avid Beatle collector from London and he told me that the record I had in my hands was worthless..... it was a counterfeit. A good one though. My heart sank. My friend's sister had it worse... she paid $200 for it and didn't know it was fake either. Oh, well.... it remains in my collection. Fake or not, I still enjoy playing this.

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