Friday, June 24, 2011

Typhoon Falcon and its effects on the Marikina River

Since the rains began falling I've been rather uneasy. It brought back all the unpleasant memories of Typhoon Ondoy. When I got home today, I went to the Marikina River which is nearby to take a look at the water levels. As of 6pm, it has spilled over onto the road. If it goes up by two more feet according to local authorities, they'll sound the siren for evacuation of the low-lying residential areas. The frightening part is that it's almost nighttime and the rains have not let up.

Those cluster of buildings is at the Eastwood area. You can see that the higher floors are obscured by clouds. Kind of frightening. I thought I'd see military units or emergency services stationed in the area already. As of 6pm Friday night. Nada.

Because of the flooding, it has left vehicles not much road to pass through lest they be swept into the raging river. I stood next to the river and there's this frightening gurgling sound as it its sucking in everything in sight. 

In the Industrial Valley Barangay Hall, they've got this one raft to rescue people. I wonder how this can navigate the strong current without even an engine to propel it forward. It is considered critical level when the water reaches 17 feet. Right now it's at 15 feet.

The riverbanks have been lined with people watching out for more danger signs. I stayed beside the riverbanks myself and the water lapped at my feet. Got that eerie feeling. 

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