Thursday, May 24, 2018

Showing you the new records at NEC Collectibles for this Saturday, May 26, 2018

Do you recall the feeling of waking up on Christmas Day and there are a bunch of gifts under the Christmas tree for you? And every time you open one gift it’s like you’re shaking with excitement because each and every one you open tops the other?

Then you know what I mean when I helped open 11 boxes of records that were delivered to NEC. That’s 1,800 records to be exact that was purchased from places in Eugene and Portland, Oregon.

Now, there’s a heightened sense of excitement and anticipation that is several times’ higher than you’re regular digging for records.

Here’s the difference…. Here at NEC, the task was to pull out records to put on video for record fans to check out and buy and by the time we were done, we have five crates to shoot for video.

Yes, you heard it right… it’s pulling out records for the music fan out there. There’s nothing like sharing records for others to buy so we can all partake in this love for music and vinyl.  If we can, in some way, help you find records that will help you fill up your collection or even to try as a first timer… then the feeling is just as good.

As a kid, my first ever record from Canadian prog rock band Rush was Permanent Waves. That was after hearing “Spirit of Radio” that totally blew my mind away. For me, prog rock was Yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer, and to a certain extent – Pink Floyd. Now Permanent Waves turned my world upside down.

Imagine finding albums from Caress of Steel, Moving Pictures, and 2112 among others in the boxes. Records like AC/DC’s Let There Be Rock or Dance Craze: The Best of British Ska… Live! And there are some Bob Marley and the Wailers albums such as Rastaman Vibration and Burnin’. Now these don’t crop up too often so you know they are must haves.

Imagine finding old Beatles records such as the Live At the Hollywood Bowl album in excellent condition.

And if you’re a New Wave fan there are a couple of Modern English albums (Ricochet Days and After the Snow).

There’s even a 12-inch single of a Teri De Sario song. Now that doesn’t come out too often either.

And there are a lot of jazz albums! A lot and I kid you not.

We just posted five – count them…. FIVE – videos of records that we think you will like. And that’s just a sampling to be honest. There’s more. So happy digging this Saturday, May 26 at NEC!

NEC is located at 170 K-1 Street (parallel to Kamuning Road) in Quezon City. The store opens at 9am. BE THERE IF YOU KNOW WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Got this extremely hard to find album by jazz pianist Bobby Enriquez

In my pursuit of a Filipino music collection that I like (and not what is collectible and re-saleable), I also get a good number of jazz records. I have four of the late jazz pianist Bobby Enriquez' albums -- The Wild Man which is his debut, Live in Tokyo, Prodigious Piano, and Live At the Concerts By the Sea Vol.1. Now Enriquez recorded a total of 14 albums (15 if you count where he was a guest performer) and save for one, all were recorded and released abroad. Meaning Bobby had only one album that was recorded and released in the Philippines! And that was his 10th album which goes to show that he really got his break abroad and not locally. I finally managed to get that album, Native 220, which was released by Ivory Records in 1985. Not bad. Really happy to get this difficult find.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

I got the Saddest Landscape's Declaring War on Nostalgia Box Set

It is sheer dumb luck where you pick out a record of a band you don’t know only because you like the cover and it turns out to be great! It was so with The Saddest Landscape’s You Will Not Survive with this picture of a woman wrapped in winter gear. It isn’t the most fetching image but I was drawn to it nevertheless. That single featured the song “Declaring War on Nostalgia” on the A-Side with “Statue of A Girl” on the flip side.

It was powerful. Intense. And I liked it.

But that was it. I tried to search for the bin of punk rock seven-inchers where I found The Saddest Landscape but someone bought everything. Everything. For a huge amount of money! Really! And these are really bands that no one knows. Save for that person with an insane amount of money.

I didn’t lose sleep over it. It’s fine. So that was it I thought with regards to the band.

That is until I heard that they came over – and I missed the show because I didn’t know – and they were releasing a single with Filipino post-punk band, Legarda. Now how is that for double excitement? I like Legarda with their instrumental-driven spoken word type of performances.

The single was being sold either separately or with The Saddest Landscape’s Declaring War on Nostalgia vinyl box set. I asked Legarda’s vocalist, Keith Dador, if I could buy a copy of the single when they get their stocks. Fortuitously, I also asked a friend based in New York to get the box set.

When Keith got back to me, he said they got few copies. Just enough for the band and the promoter. I didn’t feel bad because I had the box set on the way.

And boy, is it worth it.

I also truly enjoy the music of The Saddest Landscape. It’s powerful and intense. I love that the three records come in clear, gray splatter, and gray colors. I like the t-shirt that features Kate Hudson from the film Almost famous, I love the pins, and of course, the split single with Legarda of which only 50 copies were pressed. So I am one of 50 people with a copy of this!

Monday, May 21, 2018

My Record Store Day 2018 Haul: The Rolling Stones and Metallica

Love this because it reminds me of the psychedelic movement during this time. Fits nicely with my early Pink Floyd records!

Metallica! How can you go wrong with this?

Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Smiths reunite in the Pepe Smith Rockfest

The Smiths reunite in the Pepe Smith Rockfest
by rick olivares

Queenie Smith settled down next to this long-haired rocker who despite his age looks spry and ready to hit the stage.

Queenie’s father is none other than Joey “Pepe” Smith, the legendary Pinoy Rock icon. Along with Pepe’s other son, Bebop, the Smiths have gathered at The Woodman’s Head bar in Barangay Poblacion, Makati, for the press conference for the upcoming Pepe Smith Rockfest on the 2nd of June at the Amoranto Stadium.

The Pepe Smith Rockfest is an ambitious show, one that harkens back to the 1970s and 80s when festivals similar to the fabled Woodstock concert were normal and lasted for a day or more. Over 74 bands have confirmed to participate in what is touted to be the biggest outdoor concert in the country since the 80s.

“I hope people will come out for the show,” later said Queenie who is the eldest of Smith’s five children. “I am not sure how long my father can continue performing.”

The daughter is greatly looking forward to share the same stage as her father. “When I was about four or five years old, I’d be backstage playing one of those portable video games,” she recalled with a smile at a happy memory. “I didn’t know what my father did for a living and I’d just walk on to the stage to ask him for some coins to buy some snacks or even to play more video games.”

“It was when I got to my teen years that I realized my dad was a rock star and I was a really cool moment. I am my father’s daughter so I followed in his footsteps by performing in a rock band.”

Like her father during the early days if his career when he was performing in Japan, Queenie got her break living and playing mostly in Southeast Asia.

“It was in Thailand where I stayed the longest – for over six years,” she said. “I also stayed Singapore, Hong Kong, and even Papua New Guinea. But the musical scene was also different. It was hard being a rocker chick so I had to switch to more Top 40-oriented songs. But if you ask me, I want to stay true to my roots – rock and roll.”

And she’ll get another chance at it when she also performs in the Rockfest.

“Papa is getting in on the years,” she says while casting a loving eye on her father. “Personally, I am worried for him. I have these songs I have written; some at a younger stage of my life and career, some newer. I’d love for it to happen that we all perform and record as a family. Papa might have difficulty singing since the stroke but he can sing a few lines or deliver it ala spoken word like Patti Smith. He can play the drums. Bebop (the eldest son) can sing and play the guitar too. All I know is – it would be great.”

“My dad is getting in on the years so I want to share the stage and the music with him because this also gave me a career and a means to earn a living.”

Queenie also divulged that there is talk about her father recording a new album as well as reviving the reality show of the Smith family as an online series.

Pepe’s last album was in 2005 when he released Idiosyncrasies. Previously, he sang in Tropical Depression’s reggae-fied and inspired version of “Himig Natin” along with Junior Kilat in the 2004 compilation album, Island Riddims.

“Given my dad isn’t 100%, timing for a new album is critical,” said Queenie. “It would be nice to have new songs for a new generation of fans.”

“As for the reality show, if it happens, I think the individual stories are more compelling now than before,” underscored the daughter. “Not only for papa, Bebop, and myself but even my other siblings like Sanya who has made a name for herself as a DJ, Desiderata, and Delta.”

But why a reality show when the scrutiny on the petri dish that is social media can be harsh?

“There is a perception that if you’re a rakista, you’re like this and like that. That isn’t necessarily true. You don’t need to be a musician to get into trouble. We want to show the good side too. One that can also be a legacy.”

“And it all starts and ends with the music. And the Pepe Smith Rockfest is a chance for those who have not seen my father perform. He might be removed from his best days, but he lives to perform so along with the other bands, we hope to put out a really great show.”

For details about the Pepe Smith Rockfest this coming June 2, 2018, at the Amoranto Stadium, check out Joey Pepe Smith Official on Facebook.