Saturday, March 29, 2008


Our country's history has always fascinated me. And when we think how my alma mater is intertwined in some ways it makes us even more appreciative of where we came from.

With Ateneo's 150th anniversary coming up, this trip down history was all the more poignant on a Saturday morning.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Like a phoenix from the ashes

This is one of the greatest comic books of all time and IMHO the best Daredevil story of them all. Sorry but I prefer the gritty crime stories than the mystical ninja stuff that comes with Elektra. Born Again is riveting and powerful and as it was written, "a man without hope is a man without fear." Story by Frank Miller (yes, I read his stuff way before anyone even associated him with Robocop, Sin City, and 300) and the best DD artist of them all, David Mazzuchelli.

Read this and you'll bonk yourself why you were never a fan of the medium

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Say you wanna revolution well you know...

When Beatles Anthology was released in 2000 as a bookshelf companion to the CDs it was kinda pricey at $35. If there is one book about the Fab Four that I really wanted to have it was this one. And I had to wait until February 9, 2004 to own a copy.

That was the 40th anniversary of Beatlemania as we know it. Forty years ago to the day when they played on the Ed Sullivan Show. The cool thing about it in 2004, the price of the book was slashed to $19.64! 1964!

I got my copy at Barnes & Noble on 5th and between W49th and W48th. Same place where I stood in line to try and get a copy of My Life signed by Bill Clinton and it was worth every penny.