Thursday, May 19, 2011

St. Anne's Parish (Molo Church)

St. Anne's Parish or Molo Church in Molo, Iloilo. On my way to Barotac Nuevo a long time ago, I passed by the Church but was only able to visit in just today. The church was constructed in 1831 with a couple of painters commissioned to paint the murals inside. I understand too, that this is the only "gothic" church outside Manila (I'm thinking the San Sebastian church) aside from being a feminine one. The statues inside are all female saints -- St. Marta, St. Margaret, and St. Cecilia are just a few ones I noted.

According to the plaque outside, the church was partially damaged during World War II during the liberation of the Philippines. I asked one of the caretakers and he said it was one of the belfries that was hit hard because Japanese soldiers used it as a machine gun and sniper's nest. It was blown away by American bazookas.

Love the wooden doors. The stone outside that forms the facade is said to be corral stone (whatever that is). But when I first saw it I wondered if it was imported from elsewhere.

Above is one of those murals I spoke of earlier. It's really beautiful and I am no architect and I certainly wonder how they painted that up there. Amazing. Sometimes, I wish there was this virtual library that you can peek and watch events of the yesteryear. As much as I'd love to see  a lot of events from the Crusades, to WWII, Custer's Last Stand, Magellan's Death, and even the assassination of JFK, it's simple and little things like watching a church mural being finished.

My trip to the different churches here in Iloilo is a communion between me and my faith. It has been a difficult time for me and He just keeps me going. I feel blessed to cover a fantastic football event in the PFF Suzuki Under-23 National Cup and the sidetrips are all the more enriching.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dinner @ Perri Todd's

After the football match at CPU, I went with a friend for merienda/dinner. I asked her to choose a place that's truly local rather than go somewhere that's too common. Hazel (the daughter of a friend from Barotac Nuevo) asked me if I wanted to have a burger and so we went to Perri Todd's. It's a short walk from the Jaro Cathedral and located along a side street. The prices for the grilled burgers - their specialty - are from PhP 150-up. The meat patties are pretty good. Tender and juicy (hey, they aren't hotdogs, okay) with great sauce. The drinks are huge too considering the ones we ordered are just of regular size. I'll be going back here! Thanks, Hazel.

Brunch @ Daily Buns

Brunch today was at Daily Buns just across the hotel. Kinda reminds me of Heaven & Eggs in Manila. They serve breakfast, pasta, pizza, and quite a few others. They have free wifi to sweeten the deal. The prices aren't so bad. 

I had a Mexican omelette, bacon, eggs, rice, and a cup of coffee. The omelette was a little disappointing. It being a Mexican -- I expected a little more veggies and spice. Instead, I got more cheese. So Queso omelette it is. A bacon and eggs is well... how different can it get? The brewed coffee was pretty good though.

The homey feeling of Daily Buns is not bad at all. Maybe it's the location (along General Luna near San Agustin) but they can certainly add a little more to the ambiance because the front part of the restaurant could use a newspaper and magazine rack, a few more paintings or decor, and maybe a little pipe in music to complete the atmosphere. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jaro Cathedral, Iloilo 5/15

I went to Mass this morning at the Jaro Cathedral. How ancient can you get? The Cathedral (a church a long long time ago) was consecrated in 1874! It's known as the Shrine of Our Lady of Candles as well as the Parish of St. Elizabeth of Hungary. As a history buff, I have always championed the preservation of historical sites and remembering our Spanish heritage. I think it's a shame that many Filipinos have gone abroad first before seeing our country. I am proud of our heritage. 

Anyways, after being interviewed in a radio talk show this morning, I went to Mass at the Cathedral and was fortunate to catch the English Mass. In fact, I plan on making a pilgrimage to all the Spanish era churches in Iloilo. Maybe when I come back for PFF Suzuki U23 Cup Finals next week.

Bibingka! Not really a fan of it but I just had to try it. Cost 20 bucks but it's not bad. I bought a few more for the guards at the hotel.

Posing in front of the bell tower which is across the street. See the pic below that was taken from the second floor of the Cathedral. 

Never been to the Vatican. Soon I will.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Back in Iloilo

Here I am again in one of my favorite places in the Philippines -- Iloilo. Am here for four days for the semifinals leg of the PFF Suzuki U-23 National Cup. Right now I am billeted at the Residence Hotel along General Luna St. in Iloilo City. It's got a nice city view but an even better river view. I am not really crazy about the hotel (and it amenities but it is cheap) but it's location is close to eateries and the malls. The Water Front Terrace has a nice view of the river and I was lucky enough to snap this pic of some folk doing late afternoon fishing. I love the way the water shimmers in the fading light.

This photo was taken earlier in the day across the river. I love the clouds and hoped that I captured it neatly. Tomorrow, I'm off to Barotac Nuevo.