Thursday, May 31, 2007

I Love Boracay commercials series

Here are three of the four-part series of Boracay commercials that I did early 2006. The music is "All Possibilities" by Badly Drawn Boy off his "Have You Fed the Fish?" album. Being a fan of 70's soul music like "The Sound of Philadelphia" and Barry White's "Love's Theme" that was used for an airline commercial -- God, a prize to anyone who can tell what airline that was coz I don't remember it -- I wanted a retro feel to the commercial's soundtrack.

I loved Damon Gough's (aka Badly Drawn Boy) music since his first album and I was eating in a burger joint in La Jolla, CA when I heard his "All Possibilities" come on over the radio. I freaking loved the song to pieces and was able to get a copy at Virgin Records in Times Square a bit later. In the midst of doing this commercial (that was low-budget to begin with) with Juan Elizalde, my former boss and long-time friend, it suddenly hit me that this was the soundtrack.

And it works, doesn't it?

A side note to the scenes from the sea... we took Juan's speedboat around the island and shot a lot of footage. This was the second time we encountered rough and choppy seas that it made some people feel real sick. It was hard getting decent shots lest the cameras be thrown overboard. I think a few days before we did the shooting, some island folks were lost out at sea so we were all quite antsy.

I have yet to edit the Corregidor footage. But since we're going to Macau in early August, Bangkok in October, and Micronesia next it's going to be one fun travelogue.

Hope you like the series of commercials. No fancy effects. Not too many equipment. Just simple stuff that we wanted to do using images that haven't been overexposed such as the hammock between two coconut trees.

But as Gene says, "I take my coffee break facing the sea. You get the sunrise and the sunset -- I think these are the perks."

Oh yeah!

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