Friday, August 10, 2007

CD's I got in Hong Kong

Reel Big Fish's MONKEYS FOR NOTHING AND CHIMPS FOR FREE is the band's first outside Mojo Records and it brings back the fun they lost on their last outing. I have all their albums and I liken them to Parokya Ni Edgar -- they've been around yet they're still a plenty fun band never once losing their penchant for poking fun at themselves, being lazy, drinking beer, and dreaming about other guys' girlfriends. Their best albums are the first two ones but this new album is a fun listen without a doubt. Doncha miss Goldfinger too?

Linkin Park's third album is way different from the rap-metal that permeated itself in their first two offerings. But as much as I'm a fan, MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT just doesn't cut it. I have to listen to it again and again just to like it. But who knows, maybe it will eventually grow on me.

I was up and dancing at the news that the Pumpkins' seventh album was in production only to find out that it was recorded only by the Supreme egoist himself Billy Corgan and forever cohort Jimmy Chamberlain. No D'Arcy or James Iha. But for the tour, Corgan recruited bassist Ginger Reyes (who I was a fan of when she recorded her Ginger Sling album) and guitarist Jeff Schroeder. As much as Corgan is a huge part of the band, HE is not the band. My gripes aside, ZEITGEIST is still a darn good album.

I don't know why I resisted this band for so long. When they released Transatlanticism several years ago, I passed it by constantly on the shelves at Virgin, HMV, Tower, Sam Goody, and Best Buy. I bought the album after I saw them at the Siren Music Festival in Coney Island and am now forever a fan. WE HAVE THE FACTS AND WE'RE VOTING YES is a fun listen that the Photo Album reprises. Nerd rock without that bittersweet taste.

Interpol's Turn On the Bright Lights was my New York soundtrack and years later, onto their third outing in OUR LOVE TO ADMIRE, they're still at it with their post-punk gloom. Only faster and with a snarl. I'd say that its better than their second album Antics.

I grew up with Rush's Permanent Waves. And the Canadian prog rockers have over the years still managed to produce such great rock music wrought with highly-textured arrangements and dazzling time changes. Neil Peart has not lost his deep lyrical approaches despite the tragedy that has befallen him.

I was watching the 20th anniversary Edition of the Transformers animated movie the other night and while Rush doesn't appear there, the soundtrack's music which has a prog rock feel to it reminded me of those good old days. Beginning with Vapor Trails, their music is firmly back in my ipod. SNAKES AND ARROWS is pretty cool.

Kittie may not be the best band in the world -- even in the metal scene -- but there's something about them that makes me a fan. My days listening to metal stuff pummel my head into submission may be done, but I still occasionally enjoy the odd headbanger or two. FUNERAL FOR YESTERDAY however is the band's best album sonically. But for my money, it's still not close to Oracle or Until the End.

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