Sunday, April 6, 2008

A dog's best friend and mine too

I got these pictures from my dad's e-group. The first one shows a dog watching out for his friend who got hit by a car. Incredibly, it throws caution to the wind and stays put trying to wake him up. Notice how he plants his paw on his fallen friend.

Here he tries to push his friend to safety once more disregarding the onrushing traffic from either lane.

By now a lot of motorists have stopped to take videos and pictures of the dog as it continues to push his friend to safety.

I have had quite a few pets but the one I love the most is my Dalmatian/Labrador Lougee. She's not only a funny dog but she's extremely bright. When she wants to come inside the room, she knocks. When she wants to go out, she looks at the her dog chain. When haven't gotten up from bed in the morning and she's hungry, she wakes me up by nudging my feet or licking my hands. I've installed a latch on my outside door because she can actually open the doorknob by using her front feet to turn it.

It's incredible how Lougee can distinguish people aside from how their smell from how they open the gate. If she doesn't know the sound she barks which is good reason for all of us to look outside. And on several occasions, there were indeed people at the gate.

Whatever I eat, she eats as well. Whatever meal I cook she gets a piece of it too. I even cooked her a steak meal one time -- complete with mashed potato, beans, gravy, and corn.

She's sick right now and I'm worried to death about my dog. I brought her to my vet in Greenhills and only hope that she'll be healthy real soon.

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