Monday, December 22, 2008

What a life!

When I got the DVD series of Friday Night Lights, there was a promo flyer inside for Life Season One. I had seen the adverts for this series before and took some notice of it since it starred Damien Lewis who I thought was superb in Band of Brothers (and Dreamcatcher). I waited for the entire season one to finish before I decided to get the DVD. I guess that's swell because it saves me the trouble of waiting for next week's episode.

The problem with getting the entire season is I'm forced to do nothing else but watch! Hahahaha. I spent a couple of days watching the entire run of Battlestar Galactica! Talk about being totally irresponsible.

Life is not only original in terms of its story and its main character Charlie Crews (Lewis), but the main sub-plot of trying to piece together the crime that framed him is really riveting. And it doesn't hurt that Sarah Shahi is one of the prettiest women you will ever see.

The DVD is comprised of three discs with all 11 episodes. Disc Two contains the featurettes that are way too short! Show us more, guys!

But do yourselves a favor and watch one of the more original series to come along in a long time.

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