Monday, January 26, 2009

Great time. Great taste. Great experience.

While at school, I split time contributing to the Philippine Daily Inquirer and working at McDonald's. I wanted to get some experience in a fastfood chain since it was a dream to eventually put up my own restaurant one day. When I was interviewed for a position, I was hired as a manager trainer which I refused. I felt that there was more to learn from working the nitty gritty and doing the grunt stuff than starting from the top. People thought I was crazy when everyone wanted to be a manager and I didn't want. I said that I didn't need the money but I needed the experience.

I was eventually "demoted" and was sent to work at McDonald's New Frontier (since it was the closest one to school and the Katipunan branch wasn't open yet) where I received three consecutive monthly awards. I worked the opening shift and went to class in the afternoon which was actually wrong because it left me tired later on.

It was an experience that I would draw on later when I was living in New York and did the odd-job circuit. I made some good friends who I still speak with to this day and most recently we held at reunion at Shangri-La EDSA.

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