Friday, February 13, 2009

Baguio Sojourn

I'm in Baguio on a three-day assignment to interview IBO/IBF World Boxing Champion Nonito Donaire.

The champ is training here for his March 22 fight against undefeated Raul Martinez at the Araneta Coliseum.

I'm also using this as a means to see the City of Pines for the first time in a decade. So I'm excited for the trip.

I love the weather! The sun is out during the day time yet it's cool. I can walk around without any jacket but still you should have one with you in case the weather changes pretty quick. So far the last three days, the rains came down and the fog was kind of thick.

Rachel Donaire, Nonito's lovely wife, says it reminds her too of the Bay Area where both of them hail from.

It's nice to see all the infrastructure improvements and that makes me wonder how on earth can this city handle the tourist influx during peak seasons? Lots of folk about and the Korean community has mushroomed. Hahahaha. A cabbie joked that Filipinos are becoming a minority here.

You might want to check my sports blog at for more on my diary. I wanted to go around and take more shots but the bad weather held me back. But I'll be back for that soon.

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