Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Arch Enemy in Manila

In the last few months, I've sort of gone back to listening to a lot of harder music. I thought that was something I left behind in the US. I bought some Arch Enemy CDs in New York. Almost caught them there but instead saw some other bands. I never thought I'd see them in Manila but it's fine.
Posing at the life size standees of the band with some former officemates at Solar Sports who also went to the concert. If you notice the plugs at Solar Sports and BTV -- these guys got excellent taste when it comes to music.

Wish I had a better camera to capture the band. The show, I can describe in two words -- "fucking brutal." Worth every cent. I think my brain is still rumbling. 
What can I say about Angela Gossow? Love hot chicks in leather. Yeah. And what a frontwoman for a band. She totally defined and changed the course of this Swedish outfit. 

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