Saturday, February 6, 2010

Avoid this moneychanger along Peking Road corner Hankow Road

Got into some trouble with a money changer. This one is at Peking Road. At first he showed me on his calculator that the exchange rate was HK $7.60 = US $1. So I forked over US $200 but the receipt he gave me was for HK $7.08 and even worse, he said that I only gave him US $100. Naturally I got mad and began to raise my voice. So he was answering me in Chinese so I told him to go fuck himself sideways. Now there were several Caucasians in line and I told them all that he cheated me out of my money and a few cried out in disgust. No one then went to him. The money changer got mad and he stormed out and called the cops (I did the same too). Went to a station to give a statement. I got back only $100. I told him that if he doesn't return the other hunnert then I will come back tomorrow and take pictures of his store and blog it all over the world. Complete with his bogus receipt. The sad thing here is the cops sided with him. They kept speaking in Chinese. "No, English." said one cop. So as we were giving out statements, I was exchanging cuss words with the money changer in English, Chinese, and Filipino. It might have sounded hilarious except for I wanted to totally bust his face and beat the snot out of him. And this took like two hours. One Filipina who works here saw what was happening and told me that some money changers are like that.

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