Saturday, July 17, 2010

Me @ the One School

I was a guest speaker today at The One School in Urdaneta Village, Makati. We had a class of about 18 high school students who listened to four different talks from four different speakers about music. My talk was called, "No music. No life." Basically it's all about how it shaped and influenced not just my person but also my career (although I left the music biz not soon after school). You see, I wanted to be anyone of three things -- a US Marine, a teacher, or a rock star. I was leaning mostly towards the latter and that explains all the bands I played in from grade school to high school to college. Why didn't I pursue it? Let me just say that I had the right amount of teenage angst except that it was in the wrong place.

I first became friends with Ryan Villena when I tried to sign their band Tungaw back during the second wave of Pinoy music in the early 90's. Instead, they went to Dyna Records (I signed Datu's Tribe and Parokya ni Edgar instead). After a lengthy sojourn abroad, we renewed acquaintances when I returned and was looking for CDs by his band Narda. Since then we've chatted on occasion about music, what's hot and who's not, and the Ateneo Blue Eagles. He invited me to be a guest speaker given all my experiences with music. I wasn't feeling well today since I've been nursing a fever for quite a while now but no way was I missing this. Thanks for the invite! 

Oh, the project for his class? To release an album! Wooo!

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