Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A talk about journalism at the University of Perpetual Help

Sometime in January this year, I received an invitation to speak at the University of Perpetual Help by Bianca Saldua. We became friends during the last NCAA basketball season while she was working as a courtside reporter for the Altas and while I was covering the league basketball tournament for Business Mirror. 

She sat in my Intro to Journ class in Ateneo and soon after that she invited me for a seminar in her school. And accepting it was a good decision because I thought that meeting people and making new friends is always a great and rewarding experience. Definitely a highlight for the month of February (it was on the 23rd and I was the first speaker).

My talk centered on new media and how to take advantage of it for one's career. I juxtaposed it with personal experiences while offering tips on how to approach the work (which is equal parts fun).

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