Thursday, October 27, 2011

At the Santa Monica Parish in Panay, Capiz

Am in Roxas City, Capiz for the 16th University Games. Since I arrived here last Monday, I have been pretty much taking shots at the poor facilities in the sports venues and the general lack of cleanliness of the city. Luckily for us, we went out of town yesterday, Wednesday, for some women's volleyball games. The trike ride was about 25-30 minutes long (PhP80-90 bucks) to Panay, the capital of Capiz. The moment the trike got out of the city I was so happy. All those paved roads, trees, rice paddies, and mountains sure does soothe one's soul. When I arrived at the Panay Civic Center, the first thing I noticed was the 16th Century church Santa Monica Parish. At the risk of the11-11pages serving as a travelogue for old churches, let me say that as a history buff, these churches tell a story. It has survived typhoons, Moro raids, and World War II, yet it still stands.  

I went up all the way to the belfry that's so high up that my legs hurt. Well, I am fat and overweight so this does not help my knees. Given the history tour, the bell was built using old coins and had to be hoisted up by several pulleys that took days to set up to its present position. The tours up the belfry are now guided as students have vandalized the church (what a-holes). Plus, it's got a great view of the surrounding areas. If it weren't for the bat dung, it would be a great place to do some thinking, prayer, and meditation. The Museum tour (just give a small donation) is also an awesome sight seeing all those ancient tabernacles and relics. Just loved this place!

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