Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 was memorable for me

Going to Kuwait and Dubai * Seeing the Azkals grow into a phenomenon * Watching Liverpool in Malaysia * Teaching in Ateneo de Manila University for a second straight year * Getting to do television work on AKTV * Doing a regular podcast with some great friends * Patched up a bunch of broken relationships * Ditching my comic books for trade paperback and hardcover collections * Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba's Daytripper * Watching Marvel finally do a Captain America film justice * Katy Perry * The Walking Dead Season One * Pearl Jam 20 * Denden Lazaro * Ateneo Blue Eagles' four-peat * The Big Bang Theory * X-Men First Class * Broken Social Scene in Singapore * iPad 2 * Steve Jobs * Top Chef * Mark Waid on Daredevil * The Los Angeles Galaxy go to Manila * 

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