Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Monsoon flooding here in Marikina

This is the Marikina River from Industrial Valley Marikina. This is the road that connects Riverbanks to Libis. I took the photo as of 8:45am Tuesday morning. From the normal water levels, this is like 15-20 feet high already. During Ondoy, the water was at bridge level as people and debris slammed onto the bridge with such force that people feared the bridge would give way. At the back is SM Marikina.

This is the barge that serves as a footbridge connecting the riverbanks. It is now moored on a bridge pillar. Take a look at the waves. 

This is the neighborhood very close to Riverbanks. During Ondoy, the water was at the second level of the brown house to the left. So far, the flood waters have seeped into some homes but just a bit. If the rain keeps up the waters will go higher. How do you make them leave? It's difficult to as this is their home. I know the feeling after I lost my home to flooding and looting during and after Ondoy.

SM Marikina taken from the Marcos Bridge. The basement level parking is gone. When I went around last night with my dad, we noticed the mall security was all over the place monitoring the situation. You know, I hope that the mall owners are kind to their employees. I really do.

There's a sign across the bridge saying that people aren't allowed on the island that separates the two lanes of traffic. But with the flooding people are all over the place taking photos and updating others on the situation.

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