Monday, May 18, 2015

Euro Trip 2015! Paris, France Day One

This trip is a bonding session for the Olivares boys (my two brothers and my two sons and me). My brothers arrived a full day ahead of us in Paris. We stayed at the Hotel Moderne in the Latin Quarter that is a beautiful part of Paris. We're right behind the Pantheon with Notre Dame Cathedral a few minutes' walk away. And the River Seine is close by and our guide as we walk around Paris.

In the photo below, that's me and my sons Anthony and Matthew on the balcony of our hotel room. It was still spring so there was that chill about. There were days when we still needed a jacket to get by.

It is actually very easy to get around Paris. During our first day there, we didn't ride any public transportation. You see by the Seine, if you walk a bit, you will come across the Louvre, the Tuilleries Gardens and then Champs Elysee where the Arc De Triomphe is located. Besides, there's lots to see around. I've got loads and loads of pics in my Facebook

Notre Dame Cathedral! Is Quasimodo up there by the belfry?

Selfie time by the River Seine

Fooling around at the Louvre with my son Anthony. The musee was closed for the day (Mondays).

At the Tuilleries Gardens. 

At the Arc De Triomphe. I love this picture. One of the best family shots we had during our trip. Perfect!

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