Thursday, November 17, 2016

Project Re-imagination is up and running

If you went with me to Ateneo, you would know how music plays a large part of my life and my formation. Played with my class band in high school and in college but never had a music career.
I've had this music project (actually one of three -- one is a personal one where I am writing and recording an album of lullabies and night music. I have written three songs and have recorded them on my Garage Band), one I've wanted to do. Planned this over three years ago and it's finally happening. And hopefully, this one will be a game changer.
I get to do this with one of my heroes - Jim Paredes. There will be a few more people involved and there will be a proper time for the announcement. I hope you support this. It represents the direction where I am headed.

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