Thursday, December 8, 2016

Remembering John Lennon on the day he was shot & killed.

I remember where I was when I first heard that John Lennon died. It was during our first class after lunch at school. Our teacher, Mrs. Concepcion, came in and announced that Lennon was shot and killed. A number of us in class were fans of the Beatles and we struggled to make sense of what happened. It affected me not only the rest of the day but for the next week or so.

Decades later, I was able to undertake my Beatles/Lennon pilgrimage from New York to Liverpool to London. One stop remains... Hamburg.

Within days after Lennon's murder, this biography was re-released and it was updated to contain details surround the latter years of his life as well as his death. I was in grade school at that time. I saved my allowance and collected the deposit of many a soda bottle so I had enough money to buy this book. It is well-read and has seen better days, but I still have it. And I am glad that I do.

On the extreme left is the Beatles Anthology book that I bought for the price of $19.64 on the 40th Anniversary of the Beatles' invasion of the United States. Bought it at Coliseum books at West 42nd Street in New York City.

With a Beatles poster from 1992 that showed all their albums. Still have it!

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