Friday, March 17, 2017

Ang Bandang Shirley to release their “Favorite” album

Ang Bandang Shirley to release their “Favorite” album
by rick olivares

In these challenging days, Ang Bandang Shirley, that band whose good cheer brightens your day with tunes that leave an indelible mark in your heart and mind, arrives with their much-anticipated third album titled, “Favorite”.

The band is set to launch “Favorite” this coming March 25 at the Blue Bay Walk Garden, the Metro Park, in Pasay City.

With the singles and videos for “Umaapaw” and “Siberia” released a few months ahead of the new album, Ang Bandang Shirley have teased a refined, tighter sound without sacrificing the sheen and harmony that have defined their music.

If “Themesongs”, their debut, had a raw vitality to their songs with the influence of Broken Social Scene all over them, their sophomore release, “Tama Na Ang Drama” found them more introspective and soulful. With “Favorite”, the album exudes the confidence of maturity and experience in facing life’s challenges and these turbulent times we live in.

As an added tidbit, the band continues their tradition of selecting an album track as the title of their album.

The true collective nature of the band expands. Just as the band did with “Tama Na Ang Drama”, “Favorite” is also a collective effort in terms of songwriting with various band members contributing. And speaking of confidence and collective, the band is confident enough to allow different producers -- from Modulogeek, Big Hat Gang, Nights of Rizal, the Ringmaster, and Mikey Amistoso of Ciudad and Hannah + Gabi – to take stabs at putting together those thoughtful and intuitive songs that have been their trademark. Despite the eclectic ideas, what the band has teased during the pre-launch shows is a seamless weaving of more provocative pop nuggets to fill your soul.

“Favorite”, from Wide Eyed Records, will be available at the launch in compact disc form and on iTunes. The CD will be available soon after in selected outlets that will be announced on the band’s website and social media.

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