Monday, July 2, 2007

Here Among the Lions

One of the things we loved about Singapore is how much the people there speak better English. That's always a plus in our book. It makes for an easier way of getting around.

And speaking of getting around... here are some interesting shots that tell their own stories.

This apartment duplex is along Al Juneid Road close to the MRT stop where we usually start our touring. Kind of an unusual design. It reminded me of those small Israeli apartments that were featured in that old Golan-Globus movie that was shown when I was growing up... titled "Growing Up"... what else!

That's my impression of Rodan's The Thinker. My thoughts... When will I ever get rich? Hahahaha

One of Mai's favorite stops for chicken wings. Ah, well, she's my Hooters girl.

This is the fountain area at Clarke Quay. A noon and evening shot. Take note of the phallic symbol that props up the "stylish" roofing.

This is one of those new attractions at Clarke Quay... the Clinic! This bar-dance club has quite a different set-up from most bars and lounges. Run by Dutch expats, they say that when one goes to a clinic, they usually feel bad. But in the Clinic, they'll feel good! The 15,000 square meter bar-dance club named all the names of their rooms and lounges after medical terms. Their outside "tables" are like hospital beds. Interesting concept.

The ever popular Hed Kandi bar that's packed on weekends. Music by the famous Ministry of Sound.

This is by the door of all female bathrooms at Clarke Quay. Wonder what this implies? What goes on inside? Hmmm.

These guys putting on a show outside Ngee Ann City along Orchard Road. Hula hoops are out and huge Buddhist beads are in! You go guys.

Outside the Singapore Zoo was the Ben & Jerry's cow that looked sooooo out of place. Shouldn't Mr. Moo be in a farm? That's me sticking my tongue out at Mr. Moo. Who do you think has the Mad Cow disease here?

Our last meal in Singapore was the most simple aside from the stuff we bought at Bread Talk in Ang Mo Kio --- chicken pie and a bottle of Snapple at the airport. Yum!

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