Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Date with an Angel

I was surprised to learn that Angel Aquino was a former Tulong Dunong scholar from Barangka, Marikina. Angel says that TD and meeting and learning under Fr. James O'Brien and Onofre Pagsanghan changed her life. "Education steered me clear the direction of my family's life. It gave me a sense of purpose. And learning from Jesuit-trained students fascinated me. Even hearing the students speak in English fascinated me. It was like 'English could be spoken well enough by Filipinos.'" TD brought her out of Barangka to St Bridget's high school then to UP Baguio. So you know because of her background that she's not squeamish about street food and public transportation. Upn meeting her, you'd never get that impression.

She's currently working on a drama series for ABS-CBN titled "Habang May Buhay" where she plays a mother to Judy Ann Santos, a youngster with psychological problems. "That's a tough role considering I'll never pass off for Judy's mother," says Angel. "So they had to age me. And I have to really study how parents handle children with these disorders. But I like it. I prefer challenging roles as well as wholesome ones."

We chatted for an hour and a half and towards the end of it, one of the buntings in Kopi Roti -- a heart since it was Valentine's Day -- fell beside us. We both looked at it and laughed hard. Then I said, "I'm sorry. I'm taken." And we laughed even harder.

The moment we stepped out of Kopi Roti, a cab --without us flagging it down -- immediately pulled over. Iba na, I guess, ang magandang babae. Without any pretensions, she went back to Barangka (she resides in Cainta) where she and her sister operate a business. I went to Ateneo to watch football.

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