Tuesday, May 5, 2009

GK Molave

Went to GK Molave this afternoon with Nonong Velasco and Jill Campo. Am working on putting up a story about the village that the Ateneo Alumni Association is helping out. It was a rainy Tuesday and I was in pain and feeling woozy from getting a tooth pulled out (it took 10 vials of anesthesia and more than two hours to get the damn bugger out) but I wasn't going to miss this.

I'll be spending the night with one family this coming June and I figure that will help me better appreciate writing about GK and its effect on the community.

Not all the houses in the area have availed of GK. There has always been resistance from many people especially those who squat on larger tracts of land that they have made their own. If they avail of GK, they stand to lose a portion of what they've illegally built their land on.

In this photo, you'll see most of the houses on either side have availed of GK but the ones down the right lane have not.

It's kinda sad when you think about it that even something like GK has also brought to the surface some problems that face society.

In this photo, if you click on it to enlarge it, you will notice those Chicco toys in the background. The family here was able to avail of them for free during a promotion wherein one needed to send in Pampers wrappers in exchange for the toys. They got the toys from a relative picking up the wrappers through the grabage.

Awesome isn't it?

Once the basic framework of the houses are done, if the families have a little money to spare then they take care of the finishing or its beautification.

Take a look at these houses.

Some families work with Rags2Riches to make some money while others sell food or open sari sari stores. People find their own ways of making a living here whether it's the traditional way or through garbage collection and scavenging.

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