Friday, May 15, 2009

Room 640 of Sunlake Hotel

My room! Cool ain't it? My iPod Touch is on my MacBook. On the telly screen is a Liverpool FC match.

Love the room for its spaciousness. The beds are so comfortable that it's really hard to get up in the morning. Makes me want to lie down on bed all day long.

My one regret is not soaking in the tub. 

Of course was my usual maarte self taking baths (when possible) four times a day. Bwahahaha.

Note to all travelers: when you avail of the laundry service make sure you list down everything -- take a picture and show them if even possible -- and get them to sign. I nearly lost my laundry but was fortunate to recover them. Some in our party (Joey Villar & Julius Manicad in particular) lost some of their clothes. 

When I went down the laundry room to personally look for my stuff, they had a whole closet of stuff that never made it back to its owner.

Whether they are scamming people or just plain inept I have no clue. So everywhere I go from now on, that's the norm.

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