Wednesday, August 5, 2009

At the Requiem Mass @ the Manila Cathedral

Me at the Manila Cathedral.

Watching the Requiem Mass from the parking lot.

Everyone scrambled for any vantage point they could get.

I shared my umbrella with a cigarette vendor. If I had enough space I would have asked this man to seek shelter too. But the rain didn't bother him none.

Hawkers everywhere selling stuff. Reminded me of those days after Ninoy was assassinated, the campaign for Cory, the Snap Elections, NAMFREL, the days of civil disobedience, and EDSA.

Some folks made a killing selling stuff.

Even the handicapped didn't seem bothered by the rain.
Rain or shine. No one left. This is how you say goodbye.

Crowd says thanks to the late President. It showed that the spirit of EDSA still lives. People want real change. Now.

Cory shirts for PhP 100.

Wall of Gratitude.

Balloon man.

Balcony tribute.

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