Saturday, August 15, 2009

Quiapo this morning

The underpass that cuts under Quezon Boulevard used to be filled with street vendors and beggars. Under Mayor Alfredo Lim, they removed all of that. The underpass that used to filthy and somewhat frightening to pass through isn't like that anymore. But the public bathrooms are at least not that stinky.
Quiapo Church. Plaza Miranda. A hot Saturday morning. Whew. But it's still a lovely place.

I first started going to Quiapo while in college. A classmate of mine showed me where to buy music that wasn't readily available in the regular shops. Even today there's still a lot to buy in terms of CDs and DVDs in spite of the digital age. Flowers are cheap as well. So much more than what you'll find in the malls.

Flip flops. Lots of it.

The famous Hidalgo street where you'll find great prices for SLRs.

Street food. Maybe in my younger days. This stuff will kill me.

This guy was taking a chance by selling his flip flops at the bottom of the steps of the underpass. If you notice, his stuff have a plastic bag underneath for that quick hakot when the cops arrive. What a way to make a living, huh? I do see a lot of this in Bangkok and in Hong Kong as well.

Pirated stuff. Sorry. I don't buy.

And of course the beggars where you'll see a lot of them here. Always be careful with your stuff.

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