Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Day After Typhoon Ondoy - Marcos Bridge, Marikina City

I took this from the Marcos Bridge. It wasn't easy because for one, I was barefoot and two, I have acrophobia so standing on a ledge can be a hairy experience for me. This reminded me of the lahar flows in Pampanga. The mud was flowing into the river and this SUV nearly skidded into the river. 
Authorities should look into the pillars that hold up the LRT. After the earthquake and the flooding, one must wonder if these cement columns have been compromised. The reason I say that I the earth and ground in this area gave in (check out my Olandes pictures). The water was even higher than what you see in the picture when the rains were crashing down. Talk about scary, huh?
This family took shelter underneath the flyover that connects to Marcos Highway. It was getting dark when I snapped this shot.
The basement of SM Marikina where the Kotse Network is located along with basement parking. The parking area was flooded and I heard that the cars spilled over into the Marikina River.
The stairs that connects Marcos Highway to the underpass was strewn with garbage. I have other photos of real icky stuff on the stairwell. 

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