Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Two Days After Typhoon Ondoy Hit -Olandes, Marikina Part 1

In every street around Barangay Olandes in Marikina (beside the River and parallel to Industrial Valley), it was the same scene -- muddy streets with the debris and flotsam and jetsam of the aftermath strewn all over.
If there weren't a third floor in this house, the occupants would have drowned. But not everyone is fortunate enough to have a structure like this. Many refused to leave their homes because it's the only thing they have in this world. And worse, they feared their homes would be looted if they left. 
As of yesterday, there was still no electricity in Olandes and most people slept on top of the roofs of their damaged homes. Every one stayed vigilant lest a candle start a fire and destroy what was left of their community.
Alongside the road that cuts from Libis to Marikina, there were people all about waiting for relief goods or donations in kind or money. There heavy feeling of depression hung about the place. I met a woman who while carrying her baby was worried because it was almost dusk and they had nothing to eat. I gave her a hundred bucks hoping it could help. There was nothing to buy in the wet market as well so if anyone needed to buy fresh food they had to go up to Project 4. But already prices had gone up.
Two boys eating a late lunch from styro packs beside the river that claimed so many lives and their bustling community. 

This family lost their home and these were the only things they were able to save. They camped out beside the road where the dust blinded them and covered the food they had.
Look at how hollow the streets were. No wonder it crack, the foundation is terrible. I saw several of these cracks along sidewalks.
The park that was built for joggers and lovers was totally wiped out. The river was only reclaiming its own as the park and the sewage plant built on top are on reclaimed area. If you look at the background you will see how the soil eroded on the opposite river bank prompting the walls to collapse. 
The MMDA and military joined hands in clearing the mud and debris from the roads. It will take weeks just to clear the whole area of all the damage. I spoke with soldiers and MMDA personnel. The sad thing is many of their own families are affected by the typhoon with their own homes under water yet here they were in another area helping others instead of their own families. Worse, they would eat hours late and use their own money. They had been at it for days with none forthcoming from the MMDA or military.

This man lived in the house next to him. He saw the water rise quickly and he ran upstairs to bring up some prized possessions. When he looked back down the water had come inside. "Ang naalala ko lang ay ang itim at brown ng tubig."
Dead janitor fish by the sewage processing plant beside Olandes. I saw lots of them strewn all over the area.
Smoke and mirrors. The government of Marikina spent some money to put up this facade to hide the poverty that lies behind its walls. Now it has once more spilled out into the open for all to see.
A dead dog floating in the river. I saw a couple of German Shepherds and a Labrador in addition to the several Azkals. 
Accident prone area? You have no frigging idea how much it is. This park was also destroyed by the flood.
This Starex is gone for good and headed for the scrap heap.  It was fished out of the mud strewn streets that was buried under 20 feet of water.
Donations at the Nativity of Our Lady Parish in IVS. Even the residents of nearby Escopa who weren't even hit came down to get some relief goods. What asses!

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