Monday, April 26, 2010

My sweet Caroline

I "discovered" this new restaurant last Saturday. But I should give credit to Raddy Mabasa for this because he insisted on it while at first, battling sinuses and a fever, wanted to go somewhere else. Good reason, or shall I say, "sige na nga", prevailed and we walked over to Caroline Pattiserie. It's a minute's walk from Raddy's clinic in M. Paterno Street in San Juan (close to the San Juan Arena).
The moment I stepped in, well, I got that nice homey feeling that I felt at Cookbook Kitchen or Serendipity. And those cakes were plenty inviting. I'd say Banapple but as much as I love the place is too cramped for comfort.
The pattiserie, located at #17 M Paterno Street, is small with six or seven tables. At most, it will seat like 20? But even if it's small you don't feel boxed it. It retains that homey ambiance.
The food is homemade. As was my lunch -- corn beef! And for dessert -- a slice of Tres Leches cake that had me ordering another. Talk about a sugar shot right there. But it was good. hey, Raddy! I'll be back and to take pics of that old Spanish house.

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