Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's a planner (calendar) not a threat

There was this old comics strip of Hagar the Horrible where he and Lucky Eddie found a calendar stuck on his door with a dagger. Said Eddie, “I think it means that your days are numbered.”

Wondered Hagar, “Is that a threat?”

“No,” replied a nonplussed Eddie. “It’s a calendar.”

Since I was a kid, I’d make a list of resolutions and things to do for the New Year. When I was younger, I was more successful and faithful in adhering to what I planned. As I got older, I don’t know. Chalk it up to the demands of a working pro, indolence, and giving in to temptation, I kept at it for a few weeks then nada. I noticed it and with a lot of alarm. I used to pride my being OC and systematic but I guess things change when you are older.

Towards the end of the 2010, I told myself not for this year 2011. I intend to stick to what I’ve mapped out and planned for the year in which I’ve got great vibes about. Some of it might be vain or even weird but consider the synchronicity. My birthday for this year is 11-11-11. I stand 5’11” and wear size 11 shoes. And no, I do not have 11 kids! Bwahahaha.

I felt blessed the last two years as I am truly grateful for everything. And this year, I realized that I cannot live without my planner. Without this, I’d be in the dark and get all my deadlines and work mixed up.

In the past several years, I made only use of two planners – the Ateneo one and Starbucks’. Problem was after a while I stopped using them (I forgot actually) coz my bag was filled with laptops, cameras, papers, and sundry. With a growing workload, I’m really sticking with it. And I prefer the simple planners such as the new Starbucks edition. Guess I got my work cut out for me.

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