Thursday, June 9, 2011

I need you so much closer (and other songs)

I was chatting with good friend Pat Ozaeta today who saw my status on YM playing Death Cab for Cutie songs from Transatlanticism.  He asked if I was playing “Tiny Vessels” and on cue a few seconds later, the song came on (my iTunes is playing it in album order).

I only became a big fan of the band when that album, their fourth, came out. I recall it being heavily promoted in Virgin Records in Times Square where I worked at that time. One day, I played it while working the DJ booth and I along with a few others fell in love with the music. A few came up to ask what album was that and I showed them the cover. The scurried away to buy the disc.

One time I saw them play at Coney Island and since the album was brand new, most people had not memorized the lyrics. The place was packed with people yet I have never seen a crowd so quiet except between songs when we all applauded. It was like everyone was digesting the lyrics and soaking in Ben Gibbard’s voice. Now Coney Island is next to the Atlantic Ocean and the synchronicity was not lost on me. Never more so when they sang the song “Transatlanticism.” We were in like trance-like mode as the waves crashed on the Brooklyn shore.

When Gibbard sang the lines, “So c’moooonnn. C’mooonn.” We all joined in creating a powerful moment. It was like a communion with the band. And that hour watching, listening, and singing along to Death Cab for Cutie remains a powerful and memorable memory.

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