Saturday, June 25, 2011

Typhoon Falcon the day after (here in Industrial Valley, Marikina)

I took these pictures at 11am this Saturday morning. Look at all that stuff that caught on to the rails. In this picture, you can see how strong the current is. I spoke to one Navy frogman and he said the best way to swim in this kind of water is to go forward along with the flow while trying to go in the direction you want. To swim against the tide is futile.

There were a couple of television crews in the area -- ABC5 and ABS CBN. As of 3pm today they were still on site for any changes in the weather. As of 10pm last night the waters had overflowed into the nearby areas but not as alarming as it way during Typhoon Ondoy. But the roads were caked in mud.

One of the landmarks of Marikina Riverbanks are these statues of carabaos heading to the water. No need now. The water went to them. And you can see the trash all over them. Click to enlarge the pics.

Some of the nearby factories put up sandbags and stuff to try and keep the waters out. During Ondoy, the water was as high as the gate. The water was brown and black in some places. Pretty frightening.

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