Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Who said making sandwiches wouldn't be this fun? But in an Intro to Journalism class. You bet.

In my Intro to Journalism class, I teach my students different facets of journalism. We'd done simulations of broadcasting. We've done podcasts. We've done a photo session. We've done a music review. And there was the more difficult investigative report. For this class and the next few ones, we're going to be doing more opinion-based ones.

What that means is it's a food class where every team gets to prep sandwiches with ingredients costing not more than Php500 and they must prep it in three minutes of less. Everyone gets to taste every group's sandwich and they have to individually review it. The kicker here is, we had a real chef... Chef Edward Bugia (Paolo's cousin) to review each and every sandwich and pick out the winner.  The winning group goes for dinner with me at a restaurant they have most likely not eaten at. 

While some group members were prepping their sandwiches, the others had to sell their original recipes. It is an exercise too in creativity. We had the "Fancy-log" (as in Tapsilog). The Buff Dude Sandwich. The Red Light District Sandwich. The Breakfast Club. And a few more (including a donut burger).

As usual, we got to see the class at its creative best. Was it an attempt to be healthy? Er.... just taste them and decide for yourself. While the some members of the teams were prepping the sandwiches, the showmen took over in selling their original creations.  In the pic above, Robi Non attempts his best Paolo Bediones impression. Stu Balmaceda (not in the pic) as always was a riot.

The big idea for my class is to give the students a taste of all sorts of journalism. Who knows how this will work out for them in the future.

The group of Meg, Jiggy, Raymond, Migo and Lou won with their "French"-inspired sandwich. Now the biggest treat of them all was Chef Edward prepping an original sandwich -- the Kani Dilis Salad Sandwich! A master at work, indeed. The sad thing is -- I didn't get to taste any of it. My students finished everything.

My class (three were absent as they were all out of town - Kirk, Thea, and Steffi) with Chef Edward.

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