Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One of my favorite restaurants: Krung Thai in Marikina

I love trying out new restaurants particularly those that are out of the way and not in the fashionable districts. Krung Thai is one such restaurant. It is situated somewhere in the Marikina Public Market (M. Cruz corner WC Paz, Sta. Elena with tel. no. 646-4041) and almost all its patrons go out of their way just to eat here. I discovered Krung Thai years ago while walking around the area. Everyone of my friends who I invited to eat here all swear by it and in turn have brought their own friends as well.

They infuse traditional Thai food to go with a Filipino palette making for a flavorable dish. I like how when I go here there are always a couple of people eating but it's never packed where it becomes irritating. That way the quaint and quiet atmosphere makes the dining experience even more enjoyable.

What did I have? I'm a creature of habit and I usually order the same stuff -- liempo cooked the Thai way (with a bowl of veggies it fetches for PhP199). The set meal also comes with a tall glass of Thai iced tea so it isn't so bad. Now I love veggies so I got the stir-fried kangkong (PhP59). I think I spent 45 minutes eating this dish so I could savor all the flavors. 

Here's the menu to Krung Thai (picture below). It really is an affordable and sumptuous place to eat and you'll love the quiet and laid back ambiance. One of their best sellers is the crispy chicken with steamed rice in coconut cream (PhP99). 

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