Saturday, June 25, 2016

La Lucha Libre! A cool and offbeat site in Paris!

I could live right in the Latin Quarter of Paris (St. Genevieve). Lots of cool shops and restos with a variety of food. Along Rue de la Montage are three restos -- two Tibetan and this - La Lucha Libre. 

Years ago I collected a comic that was re-published by Image Comics titled, "Lucha Libre". Incredibly, it was a French comic book. The cool thing was it was set in East Los Angeles. Being a fan of those comics, I just had to check out this restaurant.

I've been to a Mexican Luchadore wrestling match in Mexico and this took me back to 2003. Like some places in Mexico City, there's a bar with a small ring (not the regulation size wrestling ring). The "fight" area is small and they can accommodate about 40-50 people so it's first come, first served in terms of tickets. 

If you've been to the Cavern in Liverpool, the section where the band performs, it's like that. So the "fights" but not the all-out type with aerial action. It's good entertainment though. Heard they even have sumo wrestling! 

The wrestling is every first and third Friday of the month (got to go on the third Friday so lucky me!). Sumo stuff is everyday If I am not mistaken.

Food's all right (a little expensive though if you compare of say the local McDonald's where you will spend about & euros; here it's 5 and up with the burgers fetching for more than 10 euros). Me? I just got some chicken wings and a mojito. Under 15 Euros.

Service is all right. Just don't expect the wait staff to be warm and friendly. 

If pro wrestling is your thing you'll get a kick out of it.

I did!

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