Wednesday, September 21, 2016

At Taco Vengo!

I love Tacos! I think they are one of the world's best food creations (along with pizza). Now, I am very particular about tacos. You'd think that it's something easy to slap together and it is. But taste and quality -- that isn't easy. It takes the right kind of heating taco shells and prepping the ingredients.

And that brings me to Taco Vengo! a designer type of taco that is very flavorful and mouth-watering. The old retso is located along United Street in Kapitolyo, Pasig but by September 28 are moving to Williams street a few blocks away.

The taco above is the Pork Belly Taco. I know, right? Veggies, egg! A brilliant concoction. I could eat a bunch of these! 

This is the Lamb Taco and it's good!

Nachos with cheese! Love this. It's sinful though.

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