Thursday, September 22, 2016

My heart went out to this street dog

The other night during my customary evening walk with my own dog, this street urchin followed us. I was a little worried, not sure if it was a rabid one. But I kinda figured out that it wasn't by just looking at him wagging his tail. I also figured he was attracted to my dog, Lougee, who is female. 

Now last Wednesday night, I went out to buy something when I noticed the dog following me. Maybe it could smell the scent of my dog on me. Taking a closer look, I noticed it had some wounds on it. Not sure how he got that. He was also malnourished. I bade it to follow me. And quickly brought out some dog food and water. He wolfed down everything (I gave it a pouch of pedigree and some other treats Lougee likes) and nearly finished the bowl of ice cold water. 

After which it lay down content.

This dog didn't seem to be a nasty one that would bite people (of course, I was being careful as well). I could sense it was friendly. I didn't get too overly close when giving it food. My dog is well behaved and doesn't jump up or snap at you when you hand it food. She patiently waits for it or will even eat it off my hand.

In someways, this dog was like that.

I have this soft spot for people and animals in need. Wish I had a lot of dough to help them out. 

I told my kids that if I am not around to check outside at night if this stray dog is there and to feed it.

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