Sunday, January 29, 2017

At Kagatan 22: Oro Plaka Mata!

It's my first time to attend this annual vinyl record fair at Cubao X. You can say that getting a new turntable reignited my interest and love for this medium.

I lost my turntable through the years as I moved abroad. I lost a great many of my vinyl records to my mom throwing them out and to fire that destroyed more than my collection.

Some of my records survived and later on a former girlfriend gifted me with a portable turntable. As cool as that was, I wanted the real thing. And I did get one.

Was fortunate to arrive early and get some pretty good records before the main crowd arrived. Man, there were lots of stuff that I liked...

This one is kinda pricey. But it is a rare album. If had the dough for this, I'd get it.

My vinyl haul for the day. Only when I got home did I realize that save for the Cure and the New Wave compilation, everything else is jazz or jazz influenced.

The Cure. My vinyl and CD collection comprises ONLY the Trilogy of Pornography, Disintegration, and the Bloodflowers. Plus their live albums, Concert, Show, and Paris. They are the only albums of the Cure that I like. Everything else I don't need.

The compilation, It's Called New Music, is a local one. There is no international version. This came out at the height of the New Wave era. But this one is significant because it contains the rare live version of China Crisis' "African and White" that they recorded during a show at Reading University. April Showers' "Abandon Ship" is very very hard to find on both vinyl and compact disc. I have searched far, wide, abroad, and on the internet and it's tough to get a single or what. I snagged this for 500 bucks!

Getting the Style Council's "Home and Abroad" somewhat completes my vinyl collection of one of my all-time favorite bands. I never got "Confessions of a Pop Group" until much later and in CD form. The one more TSC record I hope to get is their single of "My Ever Changing Moods" with the uptempo version of the song.

I love Joe Jackson's "Body and Soul" album. It is the one album in his discography that I got. Technically, "Night and Day" was jazzier but I didn't get that when it was first released. "Body and Soul" I got. The disc is fine but am not exactly happy with the beaten up cover. Do I get a Japanese version or a remaster? Unless I can find me a near mint copy. Being a collector can be hard.

And such, the China Crisis album, "Flaunt the Imperfection" was disappointing. No, not the music. I love the album to pieces. It just has lots of scratches. I'd love to get a clearer one. In the meantime, I have the CD.

Swing Out Sister's first album, "It's Better to Travel". I remember when I first played the record... I bought it in Hong Kong... the American release. I just love the way the brass sounded on my speakers. Yeah, the old turntable was a Technics while the amp was Kenwood. Got the same vibe as I first played it all those years ago. I just want two more Swing Out Sister vinyls -- Kaleidoscope World and Shapes and Patterns. The rest I am fine having all of them in CD form.

The Getz/Gilberto vinyl. This came out in 1964 and brought Brazilian music to international prominence. I was able to get Verve's Jazzmasters re-issue years later. To be able to get the vinyl albeit a Japanese pressing is one record off my to-get list. And I love it!

And that leads me to the Sergio Mendes album. Honestly, Brasil 88 is my fave album as it features "Bridges (Travessia)" and "Waters of March". I have got this album as it contains "Love City" and features Pele on the back cover and inner sleeve!

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