Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Re-discovering a love for vinyl

I was in 2nd year high when this record came out. Back then single vinyls cost P24 while double albums fetched P48. Imported albums sold for a minimum of P100. The first New Order single, "Ceremony" was being sold for P120 at the old Odyssey shop at Shoppersville. Now that was a lot considering there were only two songs. Asia, this prog rock band featuring former members of Yes, the Buggles, and King Crimson, was selling for P110. If I wanted to buy the record it meant not eating for over a month considering my allowance was -- I could be wrong here but not by much -- P20 a week. And Asia was a hot band then.

I collected the deposit from soda bottles after class and did the homework of some of my classmates (I'd draw their art requirements or write their book reports). Took me three weeks but I managed to buy the album. Thank God no one bought it! To this day, I have no idea what happened to that album. But I did buy this in London last January 2016. Listening to it now on my turntable... I'm transported back to high school. The CD, and I have all of Asia's albums from the classic line-up to the later iterations, didn't make me feel this way. Sure I enjoyed it. But this was a Ratatouille moment.

This portable turntable was given to me years ago as a gift. While I like it, I prefer the real deal!

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