Friday, June 8, 2007

How I am contributing to Howard Schultz' wealth

The near empty remains of a downed but thoroughly enjoyed Caramel Frap.

63% of all coffee drinkers drink Starbucks.
65% of that 63% of Starbucks drinkers could readily stop buying premium coffee because of the cost. But they also go there because it's a status symbol and they know its a popular hangout joint.
There are 13,168 Starbucks coffee shops in 41 countries. It's actually 42. But that 42nd country -- the Netherlands -- has only one shop and it's inside a Nike store and meant only for Nike employees.
I used to drink Cappuccino only, but have switched to Grande Caramel Frappuccinos lately.
I buy Fraps three times a week.
With a corn beef pandesal to go.
And that sets me back P185 every time. Ouch.
Strangely enough. I only drink coffee when I'm at work, but at home... nada drop.

When I was living in the US, I preferred Dunkin' Donuts coffee which was not only cheaper but more flavorful.
I loved the French Vanilla coffee!
I acquired the taste for it when I used to work at Dunkin' Donuts in Ewing, New Jersey. Dude, I saw a twister there once and yes, that was in Jersey too!
When I began to work in midtown Manhattan, I'd get that everyday with a vanila frosted donut to go before heading for work at West 36th.

But I just love the coffee-based Caramel Frap.

I'll make it a point to invite Schultz when I open my own coffee shop in NYC. Maybe then he can return the favor.


  1. i like Bo's coffee now -- yung world blend -- ethiopian or columbian

    other makati faves:
    gonuts cofeee (with matching donut)
    delifrance (with matching almond croissant)
    le coeur (with matching free cookie)
    french baker mcdo (with matching chocolate croissant)
    mcdo (with matching oreo mcflurry)


    halatang makati boy

  2. nice, comfy place you got here, bai :)..