Friday, June 1, 2007

Rock & Redeemer Video Companion

This was from our trip to Corregidor early this year. Just walking around the island -- and we walked from topside all the way back to the Inn and the beaches -- gave us both a sense of wonder and a little creepiness. Like how man people died on the piece of land we were standing on at that particular moment? What exactly was it like during the carpet bombing of the island?
And with the remainders of the blown up barracks crumbling faster with each day, what happens then? Maybe in 10 years, this place might be nothing more than an off mainland golf course.

They've done a marvelous job of preserving the island's "attractions," but how long before commercialization creeps in? We tried to catch the island's beauty for posterity before any such thing happens and I'd say it was a deeply moving experience more so coz I'm a history and military buff.

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