Monday, June 4, 2007

Some Old Favorites Are Back...

Some old favorites are back... and sometimes I wonder in this digital age if it's way better to be a kid. But I guess if I was a kid then I wouldn't be able to afford to watch or buy my hobbies and faves.

Some of the best news I've heard in a long time. Tickets are priced outrageously with the cheapest at $60 bucks and the front row tix pegged at a whopping $250! The set list is virtually all hits and crowd favorites, plus a dynamic version of the 1983 B-side "Murder by Numbers." There is also a surprising omission, at least for now: "Bring on the Night," from 1979's Reggatta de Blanc. "I fucking love the way we're doing it," says drummer Stewart Copeland. "But it ain't working for Sting."

I thought that they ended they're career rather prematurely and that 1986 version of "Don't Stand So Close To Me" was dangerously deviant or their reggae rock roots. But didn't their sound begin to change with Ghost In the Machine? Their first three albums had some of the coolest titles: Outlandos d'Amour, Reggatta De Blanc, and Zenyatta Mondatta. The last two: Ghost In the Machine and Synchronicity just didn't cut it for me although they contained the best music for them thus far.

There are a couple of Police tribute albums that I really love... these are the two volumes of Regatta Mondatta featuring Aswad, Big Mountain, and Maxi Priest among many other stellar and skanking reggae artists.

Makes me believe that life's a beach.

And then there's the Transformers revival that began a few years ago with some nifty comic books from Dreamwave and ultimately the film adaptation. Now here's hoping that Michael Bay is respectful of the Transformers canon.

The Transformers movie where Optimus Prime bit the dust and Hot Rod picked up the slack as Rodimus Prime is still my all-time favorite. Top-notch animation, great fight scenes, and superb plot.

You know which side I'm on:

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  1. Transformers fan, eh? Nice to meet one. I checked out your Police recommendations and thought they were rad. Good call. Great blog.