Tuesday, November 27, 2007

An Enchanted Movie

Ever since we saw the trailer for this movie we couldn't wait to watch it. Nothing like a Disney film to bring a smile and hearty laugh in times like this. The songs seemed familiar -- why not? It had genius Alan Menken of The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast penning half of them (Stephen Schwartz was his writing partner here since Menken's former co-writer Howard Ashman passed away sometime ago).

Man, James Marsden was awesome. Hopefully, he'll get bigger roles after support ones in the X-Men trilogy, Superman Returns, and Zoolander.

I'm still not convinced that Patrick Dempsey is a good actor. Folks think of him as Dr. Shepherd in Grey's Anatomy but I recall the jerk Everett in the film With Honors (starring the beautiful Moira Kelly, Brendan Fraser, and Joe Pesci).

Amy Adams and Marsden turn in surprise performances here. And dude, any film shot in NYC has got to be close to my heart.

Check this film out, folks. It's not exactly a whole new world here (see Space Jam, Roger Rabbit, and other similar films), but it's a fun and refreshing film. An enchanted time in the theater.

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