Monday, November 26, 2007

King's Kebab Persian Grill

Mai and I love Greek and Turkish food. Hossein’s (along Makati Avenue & the Serendra), Behrouz (Wilson), and Arya (Promenade) are favorites.

We tried out this new restaurant along Katipunan Extension (just after Tomas Castro in Project 4 near Bite Club) called King’s Kebab Persian Grill.

We tried it out one Saturday (after having passed by for the past several weeks) and here’s what we thought of it.

It’s not air-conditioned and that’s a negative more so when the smoke from their grill goes inside and you wonder if you’ve been kebabbed yourself.

It’s small. Like eight tables that will seat 18 people.

The prices aren’t so bad. Here’s what we ordered:

Beef Tenderloin Kebab 99 per stick (Pork Tenderloin Kebab cost 69 per stick)
Kobideh Kebab 169
Sirloin Shawarma Rice 79 (too expensive for so little)
Grilled tomatoes 10
Coke Light 35 (highway robbery)

The Kobideh Kebab tasted like a burger patty and was somewhat disappointing. It’s not that it tastes bad. It’s okay. Not great. Not tripping the light fantastic.

It’s not bad if you live in the area and don’t feel like going to Wilson or Greenhills. Don't expect a great ambiance but I enjoyed it because of the free wi-fi.

Verdict: Behrouz has a lousy ambiance too but it’s still better in terms of food quality and portions. In terms of preparation, Arya and Hossein’s are still the best (which is expected given the prices). Stick to these three.

King’s Kebab Persian Grill
221-E Katipunan
912 2697

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