Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lunch and the Dancing Waiters & Waitresses

MK Trendi is a popular Shabu Shabu restaurant that has the ambiance of a retro fast food joint. The food's okay but what makes this a fashionable eatery is its dancing waiters and waitresses who perform a certain routine every hour. It's actually enjoyable. The music is like something out of those Dance Revolution machines at arcades.

Expats, tourists, and one Thai. For posterity at MK Trendi outside Siam Paragon.

Some of the ingredients for our meal.

Iced tea in a cool looking MK Trendi glass.

At the end of your meal, they provide you with a breakdown of all the calories, fat, carbs etc that you consumed.
Here's what we consumed for a 1,673 baht meal:
993.8 energy
61.2 protein
70.3 carbs
50.9 fat
6.1 fiber
1.7 sodium
289.9 calcium
10.0 iron

Was that cool or was that cool?

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