Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cheap Memories of True Faith

When I was in Grade Six, I discovered having a barkada and hanging out. This was the time when 99.5RT was starting to make a name for itself.

My classmates and I hung out there and made friends with many DJ's. It might sound strange as we were pretty young to be hanging out in a radio station (the old Pacific Bank Building along Ayala Avenue) and truthfully it was. One jock would always be reading porn which he would show us. We were young and had all these raging hormones. I think girls were the farthest thing on our minds as we were all into football and baseball, new wave music and hanging out. But you can be sure the seeds were planted here. Bwahahaha!

One of the jocks we befriended was Vince St. Price and I would chat with him all the way 'til high school. Later on I bumped into him and he told me he was helping manage this band called True Faith. I went to watch them one time and enjoyed their music which leaned heavily into new wave (they took their name from the New Order song). I still remember exactly where I first saw them and it was SM Megamall where they performed at the Atrium. But I was not so much into new wave anymore and latched on to other local bands.

I became a fan later on with their album Build even if their music had changed radically. Mainstream as it may have sounded, I guess this was really True Faith's soul.

I've seen them a couple of times more after that and have a lot of their albums. And Memories Are Cheap which I purchased years ago still remains on heavy rotation in my player.

I played it a lot that one friend who never even liked True Faith became a fan and used "Perfect" as his theme song with his then-girlfriend who he eventually married.

I recently raided my CD collection and uploaded hundreds of albums onto my iTunes and my iPod. Of course, True Faith was among them.

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