Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Iloilo blue skies and clouds

I've always loved trying to shoot photos of landscapes with a barren blue sky in the background. Going to the province and seeing no tall buildings was a welcome sight for mine eyes sore of metro congestion.

Hope you like these as much as it was a cool sight for me.

This one was shot from outside the municipio of Santa Barbara.

The second photo was taken from the tee line of the Santa Barbara Golf Course, the oldest in the country (built in 1907 by Scottish engineers) and one of the oldest in Asia.

The next one was taken from a bridge after interviewing former footballer Ramsey Padernilla. This one as well as the next hint of the rains to come. It would be scorching hot from the morning to late afternoon before a downpour in the early evening and sometimes lasting up to midnight. It left the roads muddy and the football pitches a battlefield.

Justify FullThe last cloud shot was taken from inside Tito Duffie's SUV on our way to the airport on our way home.

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