Thursday, April 2, 2009

Home Comforts

Home Comforts with Samsung
by rick olivares

There’s this old saying about houses being made of walls and beams. Yet a house, one’s hope chest, is built with love and dreams.

For Ryan Gregorio, Head Coach of the Purefoods Tender Juicy Giants in the Philippine Basketball Association, his concern isn’t solely to lead his ball club to more championships but to also provide a comfortable home and future for them.

When furnishing his home, Gregorio considers three factors before he makes any purchases.

“The cost is first and foremost consideration,” says the two time PBA Coach of the Year who has also won two titles. “The second is brand recall. I’m have been rather ‘chop suey’ when it comes to purchases but it’s always good to know that I am buying a quality product. Third, I am very conscious of where the nearest service center is. It helps if it’s near where we live.”

On the other hand, Larry Fonacier, the fourth year player with the Alaska Aces, has an altogether different take on making purchases for the new home for his new family.

Fonacier says he has always had a soft heart for the small or unknown brands. “I am not brand conscious,” he admits. “My immediate concern when I buy anything is – how long will it last me? Is it environment friendly? Is it expensive?”

Whether an appliance or piece of furniture satisfies the 2005 PBA Rookie of the Year’s criteria, his litmus test is that good old parental advice. “If my parent’s have something and they’ve been using it for a long time then it is good enough for me.”

Samsung, the world’s leading electronics and appliance distributor, although mostly known for its LCDs and mobile phones is poised to make a huge splash in the market for air conditioners.

The Vivace was the previous model for split type units that are stylish and state of the art. The new Vivaldi model is a premium product that is at once very affordable. It offers zero ozone depleting potential while saving up to 30% in energy use.

Christopher Pandi, Head of System Air conditioner Consumer Electronics for Samsung Philippines says that the Vivaldi not only satisfies that basic feature of being a coolant, but it is a premium product that is at once safe, easy on one’s finances, and is an energy saver. “Whether a home owner is looking for comfort, affordability, or even a long lasting product,” He said like a brand new father would to a newborn child. “The Vivaldi is a perfect addition to anyone’s home.”

“This new range of air conditioners combines unsurpassed Samsung technology with sparkling beauty to provide customers with utmost comfort. The new Vivaldi Max Air Conditioner with Smart Saver and Good Sleep Mode II, and Multi-step Filter, not only dramatically improves quality of the air people breathe, it also saves energy consumption and provides elegant design to the room” shares Brian Beltejar , Samsung Product Manager for airconditioners.

The Smart Saver function operates the air conditioner automatically in the least amount of time necessary to cool the room, therefore saving up to 31% in electricity consumption. Reinforcing the policy of Samsung in creating new products with a technology which maximizes efficiency whiles saves energy consumption.

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